Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WMS in Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2009. Shipping Process Overview

ntroduction The WMS (Warehouse Managements System) encompasses the core components within average Microsoft Dynamics AX installations that are implemented to manage and run world class warehouses. The WMS functionality is enabled by the configuration Read More...

Changes in Sales and Transfer Order Picking from Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 to Dynamics AX 2009

Overview The purpose of this post is to present the major changes and new functionality that was introduced for sales and transfer order picking in AX 2009. The aim and the idea behind these changes is to move towards a single system for picking that Read More...

Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX

Here is a link of SCM in Dynamics AX.

Dynamics Ax 2009 VPC available

Microsoft have released a Virtual PC image of Dynamics Ax 2009 (the new name for Dynamics Ax version 5)

You can download it and user manuals from here (requires partnersource access)

It's almost 7 GB in total and is designed to work on a single laptop/PC (as opposed to a server)

Dynamics Ax - Task Recorder

This is a free add-on for Ax that allows you to record whatever you're doing in Ax (forms that open, user input and screenshots) and automatically create documentation for you

So far I've been using it to produce Microsoft Word documents that will become part of a user manual for a bespoke Ax module

This is the first time we've actually managed to get it to work! Whenever we've tried it in the past it just wasn't useable
So for anyone else who's had problems with it, try the latest version, after having used it for several weeks without problems, I can recommend it

It's a LOT easier than taking hundreds of screenshots and cutting/pasting them into a word document

It's by no means perfect though, and there is still a fair amount of editing required before the document that it spews out is presentable enough to be of any use to an end-user, but it does make life easier

You can download it from here (requires partnersource login)

There's a brief but succinct description here at the axaptapedia too