Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Logon failed for the unattended execution account

Following are steps that need to be performed if you start getting login failed for unattended execution account error.

“An error occurred during client rendering.
 The report server has encountered a configuration error. Logon failed for the unattended execution account
 Logon failed (rsLogonFailed) Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.”

If this happens then it means there are unattended execution account was configured and there is some problem with the account mentioned in the configurations. Either it has changed in Active Directory setup and the password has been expired or changed. This is optional setting but if you have configured it then it must be updated when there is change in the account information or password. Otherwise you may start getting the aforementioned error message.

 To configure the account:

 Launch the reporting services configuration manager and connect to the report server.

  1. Go to Execution Account and select the Specify an execution account checkbox.
  2. Enter the account information and click on Apply button. This must be the domain account.
Go to the report manager and access the reports and it should now run properly.
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