Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dynamics AX technical consultant interview questions - Part II

In continuation of my last post regarding Dynamics AX technical consultant interview questions, here are some additional questions for technical interview preparations:

  1. Difference b/w this.queryBuildDataSource(); and this.queryRun().QueryBuildDataSource();
  2. Difference b/w temp table and a  Container
  3. Difference b/w active/passive/delayed join
  4. Can we use regular table as temp table
  5. Can we use temp table for cachelookup
  6. Difference b/w .Net business connector and AIF web service
  7. What is load balancing
  8. How many tiers we normally used for installing dynamics ax 2012
  9. What is the purpose of ‘Dynamic’ property of AOT Query Field node
  10. Can ‘select firstonly’ statement return more than one record? If Yes, How?
  11. How we can achieve ‘View detail’ / ‘Go to main table’ functionality in Any form’s lookup field?
  12. Can a form’s grid contain columns from more than one datasource?
  13. How we can achieve ‘Drag and drop’ functionality of selected record in to separate form or Grid?
  14. What is the purpose of Debug::assert()?
  15. How we can achieve lookup functionality on EDT level in Dynamics AX 2012
  16. How we can change Right click menu in Dynamics AX 2012

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